Advanced Production Course
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Ableton Live:

R4000 1 Month, 8 One-On-One Lessons (Payment plans available)
Discouted to R3000 if taken after Beginner Course:

Course Pack Includes:
• Discounts on all gear purchased during a 12 month period
• 1GIG Loops & Synths
• Course Notes
• iMix T-Shirt
• iMix Cap

The Advanced Course aims to expand students’ knowledge of Ableton Live, by teaching advanced techniques for composing, producing and performing. In addition to showing detailed operational features in the software, the modules also help students
to develop a good understanding of the key stages of music creation, including sampling, synthesizing and processing with effects. Throughout the course, techniques are combined and applied to practical situations to show how technical knowledge can be used to take your music in new and exciting directions. Through learning new skills, students will be able to free themselves from technical restraints and enable a clear path to channel their creativity and artistic vision.

Individual Course Goals:

• To be able to launch clips automatically using follow actions and to understand clip legato
• To be able to automate parameters using clip envelopes,linked and unlinked
• To understand the relationship between clip envelopes and arrangement automation
• To know how to create‘pumping’
• To know how to use a gate
• To be able to transform basslines and drums by sidechaining filters and gates
• To know how to use automation in arrangement view
• To have a good understanding of Reverb
• To know how to process a vocal (EQ, de-essing, panning and detuning)
• To be able to make calculations in the unit of samples for creating synchronised loops
• To have a good knowledge of Sampler, in single and multi-samplin gmode
• To have a thorough understanding of ADSR envelopes and modulation
• To be able to construct patches in Analogue
• To have an understanding of FM synthesis
• To have a good understanding of Operator and its controls
• To have an understanding of how patches are created with FM synthesis
• To feel confident using all types of racks
• To know what glitch is and how some of Live’s devices can be used to create it
• To know how Beat Repeat works and how to use it
• To have a thorough understanding of signal frequency and how it canbe manipulated (shifted, ring modulated etc.)
• To know what dummy clips are, how to create them and how to use them with racks
• To be able to use Vocoder, traditionally and in less common modes
• To have an understanding of Grain Delay
• To know the full range of Live’s MIDI effects and how to combine them to create certain effects
• To be able to create an arpeggiator using a regular MIDI track
• To know how to use Looper
• To have a thorough understanding of Live’s mapping capabilities, with macros and regular MIDI
• To be able to use all these skills to produce and perform your music